Navigating the energy transition

Magnus Energy is here to guide you. Helping to build strong energy systems that fully incorporate renewables. Balancing sustainability, security, and affordability. Navigating the ever-evolving energy transition. What is your challenge? 

We’re impartial, understanding different interests and priorities while aligning with numerous activities all over Europe. We bring seniority and experience to cross-border consortium management.

Gertjan Meutgeert


Complex Program Management

Our experts guide complex programs, where multiple companies work together. We create trust and progress, working in various roles.
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Energy Modelling & Strategies

Our experts help to make solid strategy and investment decisions. Using our in-depth knowledge of the European energy industry and market & grid modelling capacities.
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Regulatory & Energy Analytics

Our experts help to assess the effects of new concepts or methodologies on future operations. Using relevant market, regulatory, and grid data to help mitigate risks
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Business & Technology Consulting

Our experts help businesses to navigate the energy transition. We help you choose new strategies, tap into new technologies, and realise changes in your organisation.
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Why Magnus Energy?

Magnus Energy’s success comes down to the high level of quality we provide; our expertise, and leadership to exceed client expectations. We do the right thing, and have a duty of care towards our projects and you. The foundation of our business is people, quality and expertise. We share, we learn, and we share again.

More than 15 years of experience in the Dutch and European energy market

Dedicated team with 50+ consultants, allowing flexibility and scalability

Impartiality in facilitating complex and multi-party projects

Broad expertise and knowledge of the (European) energy sector

Synergy of services and ability to secure alignment between projects

People-driven, with a commitment to drive progress and help clients

Our clients

We work with and for most of the European Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Power Exchanges (NEMOs), the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), Distribution System Operators (DSOs), Regional Coordination Centres (RCCs), regulators, market parties, vendors and other related parties in the European energy industry.