Regulatory & Energy Analytics

You are about to design a new concept or methodology and implement changes to your future operations. But not before fully understanding its effects. The stakes are high. What solutions are out there and how to mitigate the risks? We help you assess your project based on relevant market and grid data.

What we can do for you

Concepts & methodologies

Whether it is a change in market design or technology mix, a regulatory change or a change your project. Our technical experts develop a conceptual approach to implementing the proposed change. We explore different options for implementation and provide you with a thorough analysis of their implications. Getting a grip on changes ahead.

Data analysis & visualisation

You want to extract insights and learn from data. We handle and analyse grid data, market data, company data. Developing simulations and visualizations that enable learning and improved strategies. Whether it's for one organization, component or process or for an entire system.

Market, policy & regulatory analysis

The energy system is rapidly changing to support decarbonization efforts. We help you keep pace with these changes with the help of quantitative as well as qualitative analysis of policy and regulatory developments. Help you to understand their effect on operational or commercialisation strategies, on market prices, on system costs, investment incentives or the technological mix.

Impact assessments

You want to understand the impact of changes in policy, regulation, market design or other relevant aspects for your project’s success. We offer qualitative as well as quantitative assessments just for that. Provide you with options and recommendations for the mitigation of identified gaps and risks.

Our Work

What else we can do

Complex Program Management

Our experts guide complex programs, where multiple companies work together.  We create trust and progress, working in various roles. 

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Business & Technology Consulting

Our experts help businesses to navigate the energy transition. We help you choose new strategies, tap into new technologies, and realise changes in your organisation. 

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Energy Modelling & Strategies

Our experts help to make solid strategy and investment decisions. Using our in-depth knowledge of the European energy industry and market & grid modelling capacities.

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