Business & Technology Consulting

You want to keep up with the ever-evolving energy transition. It's a challenge for your business, for sure. Where to find a partner who covers the full spectrum of the energy transition? We support your business to choose a new direction and to navigate change. Helping to balance sustainability, security, and affordability. 

What we can do for you

Business strategy & transformation

We serve as a strategic partner, guiding your business through the formulation, execution, and refinement of your strategies. Ensuring your organisation is set up to support your business strategy too. We support in the development and implementation of organisational structures and teams. Guiding your people along the way. Ultimately helping to achieve sustainable growth and success in this dynamic business environment.

Digital transformation & intelligence

Tapping into digital innovations is key to improve your performance. We help you choose, design, and implement digital technologies. Using data analysis to gain business insights to support decision-making and improve business performance.

Operational excellence & steering

The energy transition is demanding for your daily operations. We help implement efficient work processes that enhance cost efficiencies, productivity, and quality. Also, we support effective management of day-to-day operations to maximise performance.Getting on track with the energy transition.

Data- and cybersecurity

Our digital experts provide you with advice on IT data communication and infrastructure, safe data practices and protection against cyber threats. They support the implementation of legislation and best practices.

Our Work

What else we can do

Complex program management

Our experts guide complex programs, where multiple companies work together.  We create trust and progress, working in various roles.

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Energy Modelling & Strategies

Our experts help to make solid strategy and investment decisions. Using our in-depth knowledge of the European energy industry and market & grid modelling capacities.

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Energy & Regulatory Analytics

Our experts help to assess the effects of new concepts or methodologies on future operations. Using relevant market, regulatory, and grid data to help mitigate risks.

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