Energy Modelling & Strategies

You are about to implement changes to your future operations, design a new concept or methodology. But not before fully understanding its effects. The stakes are high. What solutions are out there and how to mitigate the risks? We help you assess your project based on relevant market and grid data.

What we can do for you

Strategic decision making

Our experts support you in your strategic decision-making process. Using our unique insights. Some examples? Modelling future technology and price developments tailored to your business model. Assessing the market potential of an investment. Forecasting the need for flexibility or assessing adequacy requirements. Or the way different incentives affect the potential for flexibility. All to help you assess your strategic options.

Customised grid & market modelling

We customise grid and market models to your needs. Covering a wide array of topics: grids, markets, asset commercialisation. Ensuring your strategic and day-to-day decisions are made with the best possible insights. 

Modelling of regulatory change

National and European energy regulation is evolving quickly and is full of uncertainty. We help you model (possible) regulatory or policy changes by performing numerical studies and assessments. Quantifying the effects regulatory changes on social welfare, bidding strategies, or the costs of ancillary services. In search of the balance between energy sustainability, security, and affordability. 

Investment decision support

When investing in a multi-market setting, the factors to consider multiply. We support your decision making. By analysing the available value streams for renewable energy sources (RES) or flexible technologies. We use models and numerical analysis to identify new business models, promising revenue streams and potential pitfalls. Specific to the national circumstances. Future-proofing your investments.

Our Work

What else we can do

Complex Program Management

Our experts guide complex programs, where multiple companies work together.  We create trust and progress, working in various roles. 

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Regulatory & Energy Analytics

Our experts help to assess the effects of new concepts or methodologies on future operations. Using relevant market, regulatory, and grid data to help mitigate risks.

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Business & Technology Consulting

Our experts help businesses to navigate the energy transition. We help you choose new strategies, tap into new technologies, and realise changes in your organisation. 

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